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Yemaya Okute Okuti Okunte Deidad Yoruba Lucumi Placa de Porcelana Hecha a Mano Incluye Caballete Santeria Santo Cuadro 100% Hecho a mano

$ 45.99 $ 68.00
100% handmade in USA - si Ud tiene una foto en particular que quiera hacer, dejeme saber
La imagen de Yemaya Okute esta hecha en una loza de porcelana
Esta preciosa imagen de Yemaya Okute tiene caracoles alrededor de la imagen y una piedra color ruby en el turbante

This tiles you could be hung on walls, have them on your desk or night stand,

Para ver mas trabajos de arte en la Santeria click aqui

Super durable

Un regalo super especial para sus santos o para su madrina o padrino

Podemos hacer todos los Santos

Size :
6 x 6 Tiles +with stones frames -$45.99

CABALLETE INCLUIDO - (puede ser distinto al que esta en la foto)

7.5 X 7.5 APROX.

Yemaya Okute is also known by Okute Odofe Iyagba, her full name is Okunte Oggunasomi. This path of Yemaya lives near the coastal reefs and is born in Oggunda Melli. She is married to Oggun so offerings are taken either to the sea or the jungle. Her color is pale blue, dark blue and a strong pink. Yemaya Okute is also called by Yemaya Okuti or Yemaya Okunte.
A powerfule warrior, going to battle wielding two machetes and the tools of her husband Oggun. Her animal is the mouse, sending messages to her children. She does not like dogs, so they should not be in the house.
You will have your Image in 3-4 days - La tendra en 3-4 dias
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