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Santa Liberata Patron of Pizzone Set of 2 or 4 Candles Prayer Card

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  •  2 or 4 glass candles - 5-7 days burn you can also buy the set of 2 candles with the prayer card 

    Santa Liberata Patron of Pizzone

Saint Liberata is the patron saint of the city of Pizzone, Italy. She is declared a holy virgin and martyr by the Roman Catholic Church. Her father was Lucio Catelio Severo and mother was his wife Celsia. She had eight twin sisters (Geneva, Victoria, Eufemia, Germana, Marina, Marciana, Basilisa, and Quiteria), of which all of them, together with Liberata, were martyred, under the regime of Emperor Hadrian. Her remains are kept at the Cathedral of Sigüenza, Spain. Her feast day is celebrated in Pizzone on June 10, and in the United States (mainly around the Chicago area) on June 8;. Elsewhere her feast may be on January 16,or July 20


Santa Liberata was the patron saint of dealing with difficult marriages and lost causes. Her feast day was observed on July 20. One of her eight sisters was said to be Santa Marina di Orense. Santa Liberata was depicted crucified as a young woman or a 10-12 years old girl with a beard, and she is one of several female bearded saints. She is "ragazza con la barba."

She was venerated by those seeking relief from tribulations, in particular by women who wished to be liberated from husbands who vexed them with constant sexual demands or physically abused them. Italian women petitioned Santa Liberata imploring, "Liberami da lui!"

According to her story, she was one of nine daughters of King of Lusitania. (Portugal) Her father wished her to marry the King of Sicily, but she declared that she had privately taken a vow of celibacy. Unable to dissuade either her father or her suitor, Liberata prayed on the eve of her wedding to be freed of the marriage. In answer to her prayers, she sprouted a luxuriant beard. Her suitor departed, and her father had her crucified.

The Catholic church has since determined her tale is a pious fiction and has removed her from the Catholic calendar of saints.

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