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Saint Damien Damian of Molokai leper priest Set of 2 - 4 candles with prayer card Joseph De Veuster Hawaii Belgium

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prayer on back of candle and prayer card only in english

2 candles - $21.99
4 candles $40.99
2 candles and Prayer card $24.99

Born Joseph De Veuster in Tremelo, Belgium to a large farming family, Joseph felt called to the religious life despite his father’s plans for him to inherit the family business. After his older brother joined the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a missionary religious order, Joseph followed suit, taking the name of Damien in honor of the fourth century physician and martyr. It was his brother who was originally assigned to travel on mission to Hawai’i, and when he proved too ill to make the trip, Damien eagerly volunteered to take his place. He arrived in Honolulu in May 1864, and was ordained shortly thereafter. Facing the difficult life of a “country missionary,” Father Damien devoted every fiber of his being to the task.

At that time, the local government had enacted the policy of quarantine to prevent the spread of leprosy (Hansen’s Disease), isolating those thought to be infected by deporting them to the small remote island of Molokai. Individuals deported to Molokai faced harsh conditions, without proper food, shelter, or infrastructure in place to help them survive. Due to fear of contamination, the ships that took the infected to Molokai would not dock, instead, tossing the sick into the ocean, forcing them to swim to shore, should their strength allow it. Members of the mission, and especially Father Damien, were concerned and moved by the harsh treatment the ill received and spoke with their bishop about it. The bishop was reluctant to order any member of the mission staff to serve the “abandoned” lepers, fearing that the obedience of the mission priests would lead to their infection and eventual death. Nonetheless, four priests volunteered to take 3 month shifts on Molokai, comforting the afflicted. Among them was Father Damien, who after arriving and seeing the condition of the colony, asked permission to remain on Molokai permanently in service to those in need. "I am bent on devoting my life to the lepers," he said. The bishop granted him permission, and his lifelong mission of love, service, and comfort began.

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