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Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Virgin of Vietnam Set of 2 or 4 Candles or Laminated Prayer Card or Medal

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Prayer is in English only

2 candles - $21.99
4 candles $40.99
2 candles and Prayer card $24.99
Prayer card and Medal $14.99

White wax - Beautiful and original designs - I own the rights to the candle images and designs
100% handmade in USA - This is a great gift for that special person
We ship candles to USA only - All candles go out priority mail with a tracking number and insurance.

The fact that the Blessed Virgin visited a small group of Catholics in the little jungle village of Lavang, in Viet Nam, in 1798, is not surprising to anyone who knows the ways of the Mother of God. She has always been faithful to her children by grace.

It was as a result of one period of persecution that a number of Vietnamese Catholics found refuge about 1785 in a jungle that hardy foresters would hesitate to penetrate. Here they stayed hidden, suffering privations, dangers, and illnesses, in order to practice their religion. One of the few comforts they had was reciting the rosary every day at dusk.

On one such evening, they were first frightened and then enchanted to behold a Woman and Child standing nearby in a mysterious glow of light. Simple as these people were, some among them recognized the Virgin Mother and Her Child. All listened entranced while Mary told them softly that she was fully aware of their hardships and of their chronic sickness due to contaminated water. She told them to gather certain leaves that grew near and make a strong tea of them; this would keep them healthy. Solemnly she added, “From this day on, prayers said on this spot will be heard – and answered.” The year was 1798.

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