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Ochun Oshun en todo su esplendor Santeria Santo Cuadro 100% Hecho a mano T-555

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the one shown is the one with a stones frames. El tile que esta en la foto tiene un marco de piedritas

100% handmade in USA - si Ud tiene una foto en particular que quiera hacer, dejeme saber
Esta preciosa imagen de Ochun tiene cuentas Azul de clistal en cada pluma y una verde en en frente

This tiles you could be hung on walls, have them on your desk or night stand,
Super durable

Un regalo super especial para sus santos o para su madrina o padrino

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Podemos hacer todos los Santos

6 x 6 with stones frames -$45.99

Ochún is considered to be the most beautiful of the female Orichás. She exhibits all of the characteristics associated with fresh flowing water: she's lively, sparking, vivacious, refreshing. No one can resist her seductive laugh, her graceful dancing, and her lips that taste like honey. She has a lush womanly figure with full hips, which suggest eroticism and fertility. She loves silks, perfumes (especially vetiver and sandalwood), fans and mirrors, all kinds of jewelry, (especially coral and amber, gold and brass), she wears golden bracelets that jingle seductively when she moves, and her favorite treat is honey. Her favorite flower is the sunflower. Although she's young and sometimes seems frivolous, she's a very powerful Orichá. In many instances where other Orichás fail, Ochún triumphs, often by using her feminine wiles and sweetness to conquer her enemies.

Ochún's colors are yellow and gold, her number is 5 (and multiples of 5). Her day of the week is Saturday. She's syncretized with the Virgin of Caridad de Cobre, who is the patroness of Cuba. This makes Ochún especially dear to Cubans, who celebrate her feast day of September 8 as a major holiday. Both the peacock and the vulture are her symbols. A patakí explains that Ochún in the form of a peacock flew to heaven to talk to Olofi about a problem the Orichás were having on earth. No one else was brave enough to do this, because they knew Olorún (the sun) would burn them to a crisp. As the peacock flew closer to the sun, its feathers were charred, its beauty was lost, and by the time it got to Olofi, it no longer looked like a peacock, but resembled a vulture instead. Olofi, who is all-knowing, understood what Ochún had done, and he rewarded her for her bravery and lack of self interest by making her one of his favorite Orichás.

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