Rosary or Chaplet, What is the Difference?

 Differentiating Rosaries from Chaplets

While rosaries and chaplets may have a lot of similarities, they are not the same and it can be difficult differentiating between the two if one has not been part of the Catholic Church for a long period of time. Both are sacramentals in the Catholic Church, they are symbols and sacred signs instituted by the Church that signify spiritual effects and favors obtained through the Church’s intercession.

The Rosary focuses on the life of Jesus Christ and is prayed to show devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The term ‘rosary’ is derived from the Latin word rosarium, which translates to “a crown of flowers.”

There are a number of variations to praying the rosary, but the most common involves prayers that include the Apostle’s Creed, Our Father, Glory Be and Hail Holy Queen along with five Decades with five Mysteries. Each decade represents an important chapter or mystery in the life of Christ.

Chaplets, on the other hand, are more of a devotional prayer card, with the amount of beads being tied to the specific prayer, often to a saint. Chaplets have fewer beads and make use of different prayers, depending on one’s the devotion to the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, or a specific Saint. 

By using a chaplet or rosary, you tap into the power of focus in prayer. There is no rule when it comes to praying both a rosary and a chaplet. If you pray the rosary, you can always add a chaplet prayer during your prayer time to add a personal devotion.

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